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About Us

Brandi Phipps

Professional Dog Trainer 


Brandi’s passion for dogs started at a very young age. She grew up on a farm in Central Alabama where she spent most of her time helping tend to different kinds of animals. After relocating, Brandi found time to dedicate to the local humane societies where she worked to help make the lives of those animals better and give back to her community. From there her passion for helping dogs only grew! While attending Troy University, Brandi became a veterinarian technician for a local veterinarian in Auburn, Alabama. She has obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis to better understand why animals and humans behave the way that they do so she can apply those methods to the aspects of dog training.

Brandi has been mentored by trainers with more than 15+ years of experience throughout her professional dog training career. Brandi specializes in reactive/aggressive dogs, as she finds so much joy in helping the underdogs. She also strongly believes in continuing her training education because training is an ever-changing field that requires adaptability and a willingness to learn more. Brandi is an active member of the International Association for Canine Professionals and a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator! She finds joy in helping people and dogs alike!

Austin Tylir

Professional Dog Trainer


Austin Tylir is an Alabama native who relocated to the Florida Panhandle a little over 2 years ago. His love for animals started at a very early age when he was introduced to the world of horses and dogs. It didn’t take him long to figure out that his passion really resonated with helping animals. For the past 6 years Austin Tylir has been working in the veterinary field as a veterinarian technician where he has helped countless animals, assisted many humane societies in Alabama, and continues to volunteer on his time off. He really got involved with dog training, by completing a mentorship by Brandi Phipps (owner) and is now one of our trainers. Austin Tylir uses his experience in vet medicine to bring a different dynamic to the Adventure Canine team, as well as educate owners on specific areas of expertise, especially canine health. 


Austin Tylir’s biggest priority is to continue to help countless dog owners bridge the gap of communication with their dogs and help them be able to enjoy their dogs no matter the circumstance. Austin Tylir also continues to better himself as a dog trainer by always being open to new learning and training opportunities. Austin Tylir has a 4-year-old goldendoodle, Rueger, that means the world to him and also continues to use him as a stable/neutral dog to help the dogs that come through one of Adventure Canine’s programs to understand what a stable dog interaction is supposed to look like. Austin Tylir specializes in puppy training, as he finds great rewards in helping puppies get off on the right paw!

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