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"We are so pleased and proud to have our very own Adventure Canine graduate! Thank you Brandi Phipps! We are forever grateful for the training, love and support you've given to Luna and us. We felt comfortable with you from the very start, and you made sure to keep us informed each day with training, encouragement, and guidance through messages and videos of Luna's success. We are so excited to continue working on building her confidence and ours. You have given us the start we needed to make life easier and more enjoyable for all of us. I feel like you are a part of our family, and we absolutely would recommend you to other fur parents."

- Jo Ann P. 

"We sent our 10 month old dog Piper to Adventure Canine with Brandi and we couldn't be happier with the results! Brandi kept us updated along the way while our girl was gone! I am 100% satisfied with the progress she made while she was gone and recommend Brandi to everyone! Brandi was very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions and made sure we were comfortable before she left Piper with us. I can't say enough about the amazing experience this has been! Piper is a new dog!! Thank you!"

client dog

- Mallory G.

"There are not words for what this group has done for our pups and our family! Our 4 year old pit bull terrier did an 8 week aggressive course and our 8 month old pit mix took the basic obedience course. Both dogs went from pretty much uncontrolled to obedient by the end of training and we received guidelines that helped us set boundaries as we got ready to bring home our first child. We also utilized the in home evaluation after training to ensure we had all the tools we needed to bring baby home safely. This short review doesn't even begin to express how amazing this group is!!"

- Christina S. 

client dog

"We just got our pup back a couple of days ago and the difference in him as far as listening is amazing! Jack has always had a mind of his own and would listen when it suited him, but that's dangerous, especially when he managed to get out of the house or when older people would visit and he'd jump on them, etc... Not gonna lie, it was hard to let him go for 2 weeks, but Brandi kept in touch every step of the way with pictures and videos and answering a thousand questions. 

If we ever needed to do this again, we wouldn't go with anyone but Brandi, to be honest. From the interrogation (mostly from me, lol) we gave her that she patiently participated in (she understood a stranger was taking our pup after all!) when she came to our home to get Jack, to the 3 hours of hands on training she patiently gave us when we got our boy back. And it was raining half the time Brandi had Jack and she improvised wonderfully and didn't compromise the training at all. The payoff of missing Jack so much was the long walk he took with dad last night and no running off! Granted, he's still in training mode with us, but we have every confidence he won't be 'collar dependent' for long."

Tiana C.

"Brandi is an awesome trainer. We did the one on one training with my wild six month old Vizsla and she did great. If you are looking for a wonderful bonding experience with your pup this is definitely the way to go. Brandi's expertise helped me become a better dog owner."

- Michelle J

"My German Shepherd just graduated from Adventure Canine and he's a new animal obedience wise while maintaining all his charm and personality. Brandi is the consummate professional. She kept me up to date with plenty of photos and videos, gave me tons of advice, and when it came time for turnover, she made sure I had the one on one training to take over in her stead. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any of my friends and fellow dog owners."

client dog

- Tyler W.

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